Mechanical Engineer

[ 募集要項 ]

仕事内容Position: using 3DCAD automotive design and development
Employment form: Regular Employee.
Trial period: Yes (3 months)
Work location: Kyoto, Japan
Recruitment Background: The team is going to expand due to business expansion.
Affiliation: Automobile Manufacturers-Development departments and suppliers
Details of Assigned department: Potential candidate is expected to work as our employee in Clients Company.

Business Description:
Dispatch Engineer business in IT, machinery, electric / electronics, chemical / bio fields consulting, introduction support and development in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) field. Assessment and diagnostic services using in-house developed diagnostic tools (HQ, COS, ICP human resource diagnostics). Research and development in fields such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things).
Planning / development of social games, iOS / Android apps
Web site / system planning / development

Recruitment background:
To open business offices in Omiya and Utsunomiya to strategically expand business. Also, the dispatch (destination in northern Kanto) will increase the number of automakers / suppliers.

Job Description:
■ Design and development of automotive parts using 3DCAD (CATIA-V5, NX)
Body press parts: hood, fender, roof, etc.
Exterior parts: bumpers, grills, garnishes, etc.
Outfitting parts: door handles, wipers, etc.
Electrical parts: Meters, switches, ECUs, etc.
Wire harness: path / circuit
Chassis parts: brakes, suspensions, fuel tanks, etc.
Unit related parts: engine, transmission, etc.
Interior parts: instrument panel, trim, seat, etc.

Estimated annual income when joining the company: 3 million yen-8 million yen

Benefits (Salary rankings):
Raise Bonus "Graduate: ¥ 210,000 / University graduate: ¥ 200,000
Professional graduate (3 or 4 years) higher specialty 190,000 yen
Graduated from a vocational school (1st and 2nd year students)
Graduated from junior college 185,000 yen
Once a year, two bonus years
* Basic salary assessment based on experience

Equipped with various insurance (employment insurance, health insurance, welfare pension insurance, work injury insurance)
Overtime allowance: Full payment
Commuting allowance: Full payment
Position allowance: leader, sub-leader, field leader)
Family allowance: spouse ¥ 5,000 / month / 10,000 per child / month
Rent subsidy system (half of rent, maximum 30,000 yen)
Enroll in welfare services (completely equipped with nationwide recreation facilities)
Qualification Acquisition Support System (Examination Exam Costs Company Burden / Acquisition Incentives [Applicable from the time of appointment])

Pension holidays 124 days (2 days a week on a complete weekend [Saturday and Sunday], Holidays, Golden Week, Summer vacation, New Year holidays, paid vacation, maternity leave, childcare leave, congratulatory leave, birthday leave).
給与金額年棒 8000000 JPY円
応募資格Required Conditions:
・1 year or more of work experience
・ Japanese level N2/N3 or higher, English (Business Level)
・ A potential candidate who is able to work in Kanto (Tochigi, Gunma, Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Kanagawa).
応募方法 履歴書郵送、
採用プロセスApplication Method: Please send your updated resume at:
会社名・店名b-cause Inc.,
所在地Kyoto, Japan