Dynamic Software Engineer Needed

[ 募集要項 ]

仕事内容Position: Engineer [leader candidate / Experienced] / Tokyo metropolitan area
Employment form: Regular Employee.
Trial period: (3 months)
Recruitment Background: The team is going to expand due to business expansion.
Affiliation: Mechanical Engineering Department
Work location: Tokyo, Japan
Details of Assigned department: Potential candidate is expected to work as our employee in client’s company.

Business Description:
Company provides technical human resources services specialized in the IT and engineering (mechanical and electrical) fields.
Main products and services
IT outsourcing service (outsourcing / contracting contract, engineer dispatch)

Job description:
IoT (Internet of Things) project, a new business of the company. As a Manager (Project Leader) is expected to manage development of embedded systems to our clients, while exhibiting leadership such as member management, technical follow-up, motivation management, and customer negotiation.
-In-vehicle ECU development and test, IVI system test, customization of in-vehicle software
-IoT sensor control system development, indoor position measurement system development other

Estimated annual income when joining the company: 3 million yen-5.5 million yen

Treatment conditions & bonus:
Monthly wage: 260,000 yen-420,000 yen (Depends on experience and ability)
* Paid separately every 5 minutes for overtime work (100% paid)
* Transportation expenses (regulated)
* Closing at the end of the month → Payment on the 25th of the month
* There is no change in salary (treatment) for three months during the trial period. "

Welfare and Salary:
■ Raise (once a year)
■ Bonus (twice a year)
■ Transportation expenses paid in full
■ Equipped with various social insurances (health, occupational accidents, welfare pensions, employment)
■ Overtime allowance is paid in full
■ Short working hours for childcare
■ Business trip allowance
■ Health checkup (once a year)
■ Employee stock ownership system
■ Financial savings system
■ Semi-paid paid acquisition system
■ General welfare group term insurance system
■ Outpatient allowance (5 times a month, no salary deduction for a total of less than 5 hours)
■ Defined contribution pension plan (401K / contributed monthly except for the amount indicated for annual income.)
■ Special training attendance

■ 2 days off per week * Depends on where assigned
■ Paid leave (In case of joining the company in April: 10 days will be granted on the day of joining the company)
■ Summer vacation (3 days)
■ New Year holiday (5 days)
■ Special holidays (congratulations / marriage / prenatal / postpartum / child care / birth / birth / disaster leave, etc.)
給与金額年棒 5500000 JPY円
応募資格Required conditions:
・ C / C ++ implementation experience (under experience)
・ Japanese proficiency of N2/N3 or higher, English (Business Level)  

Welcoming condition:
Particular management experience (leader manager experience)
※Even a students who used to be leader, are able to apply
応募方法 履歴書郵送、
採用プロセスApplication Method: Please send your updated resume at: recruit@b-causebd.com
会社名・店名b-cause Inc.,
所在地Tokyo, Japan