Circuit design (inexperienced)

[ 募集要項 ]

アピール文Position: Circuit design (inexperienced)
Location: Japan (Nationwide)
Employment Type: Full-time employee
Working hours: "9:00 to 18:00 * Depends on the project "
仕事内容"You will be in charge of electrical and electronic circuit design and development. You will receive training for about 6 months at the training center owned by the company, so even those who have no practical experience can work with peace of mind!
【In particular】
Analog / digital circuit design (microcomputer peripheral circuit, control circuit, wireless circuit, high frequency circuit, power supply circuit, etc.), analysis / evaluation, LSI development at manufacturing sites centered on major manufacturers and some / second-part listed companies , Equipment / product assembly / adjustment / maintenance / maintenance, etc.
[Project example]
■ Automotive-related: Electric vehicle design of electrical and electronic components
■ Aerospace-related: Aircraft electrical design
■ Production equipment related: Control design of food production equipment
■ Digital camera related: CMOS image sensor layout design /
Image processing function design
■ Smartphone / mobile phone related: RF high frequency circuit design and many others.

* The company creates a database of projects that customers inquire about, and "visualizes" what kind of projects are available at each base and what skills should be acquired to be involved in those projects. "
勤務地詳細Japan (Nationwide)
給与金額年棒 3,593,000 - 3,961,800円
給与補足事項* 2 years professional graduate annual income including bonus: 3,593,000 yen
* University graduate annual income including bonus: 3,739,600 yen
* Graduated from a graduate school annual income including bonus: 3,961,800 yen
勤務時間"9:00 to 18:00 * Depends on the project "
休日126 days of annual holidays, complete weekly two-day system (Saturday, Sunday, holidays), GW / summer / year-end and New Year holidays, annual paid, reserve / condolence / special / half-day / refreshment vacation, etc.
待遇social insurance, transportation expenses, regional allowance, single transfer allowance (monthly 50,000 to 55,000 yen + travel expenses for returning home), company housing, employee shareholding, mutual aid association, property accumulation savings incentive, retirement allowance / retirement pension, JTB Benefit etc
応募資格・ Graduated from a university or vocational school in the faculties of mechanical engineering, aviation, and robotics.
・ Japanese level N2 or above
・ Can be transferred nationwide