ERP Consultant Engineer needed

[ 募集要項 ]

アピール文Position name: ERP consultant Engineer
Employment Type: Full-time
仕事内容【Job Description】
①The field of responsibility and phase will be decided according to your experience.
If you have enthusiasm in an inexperienced field or phase We will decide the matter according to your wishes to the extent possible.
②Consultants, focusing on the fields of EBS and JDE, which the company specializes in
PM, technical specialist, etc., depending on your preference, It is possible to design various career paths.
勤務地詳細Work Location: Tokyo, Japan
給与金額年棒 4500000-6000000円
給与補足事項■Annual salary: 4,500,000 to 6,000,000 Yen
■Pay raise: Once a year
■Bonus: 2 times a year
勤務時間7hrs and 30 minutes
休日Holidays: Paid leave 10 days days, year-end and New Year holidays, annual paid leave, condolence leave, training leave [121 days of annual holidays]
待遇■Transportation: From "Akihabara" station on each line In principle, work remotely. 4 minutes on foot 80 to 90% of technical employees work from home.

Welfare: Commuting allowance, complete social insurance, welfare pension fund, retirement allowance system, childcare leave system, nursing care leave system, employee stockholding association system, condolence money etc.
応募資格【Job requirements】
①Experience beyond basic design of business system development
②Experience in introducing ERP package more than 2 years.* Regardless of years of experience
(Oracle CloudERP, EBS, JDE and other ERP packages are possible)

【Welcome Condition]
①Japanese level N3 or higher
②Experience beyond the requirements definition for business system development
③Those who want to improve their skills by making use of their experience
応募方法 履歴書郵送、
採用プロセスApply Method】
①Please apply from the site below (registration required)
②Please send us your updated English & Japanese resumes mentioning your position name and website name (from where you find the JD) in the subject line at:
会社名・店名b-cause., inc.
担当者名Ryo Okada