Urgently Looking for Infrastructure Engineer

[ 募集要項 ]

アピール文Position name: Infrastructure Engineer
Work location: Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Employment Type: Full Time
仕事内容The information system department of a major company is the center.
- You will work on your project as a team.
- Depending on your skills and growth speed, you can easily expand the area of activity from operation / monitoring work to construction / design work.
勤務地詳細Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo
給与金額年棒 3000000円
給与補足事項Annual salary 3 million yen
Age (27-35)- 4 million - 8.8 million yen
Age (45-48)- 6.5 million - 9.4 million
Salary increase twice a year
Bonus twice a year
休日Annual holidays 124 days
待遇・ Full commuting allowance (up to 80,000 yen / month)
・ Family allowance (spouse: 15,000 yen / month, child: 7,000 yen / month)
・ Overtime allowance (100% overtime pay)
・ Housing allowance (Also provided for mortgages)
応募資格(Must conditions)
Japan has greatly benefited from technology. However, the foundation of Japan, a technology-oriented country, has been shaken by recent social problems such as the declining birthrate and aging population, and the departure from science. We continue to take on the challenge of training engineers from scratch and contributing to society through their success in the industrial world.
[40-year-old to 46-year-old]
People with experience in design, construction, etc. of the network or the server
• PM, project leading to perform as a PL, etc., of the members of management experience
• ISP, business experience in telecommunications carriers a person of the network, server, virtualization, the cloud of knowledge and experience rich person
(Welcome Condition):
Japanese Language level- N2
English speaking skill- Business level
応募方法 履歴書郵送、
採用プロセスApplication Method:
Please apply from the site below (registration required)
Please send us your update English & Japanese resumes at:
会社名・店名b-cause., inc.
業種Human Resource
担当者名Ryo Okada
ホームページ Mori-building 4th Floor, Hamamatsu-cho 2-1-3, Minato Ward, Tokyo, Minato Ward